Dia-Band, the armband that protects your sensor and pod

The Kaio Dia-Band diabetic armband protects your diabetes sensor or pod during your daily activities, sport and even swimming. In addition, the armband makes your pod less visible, making wearing the sensor a little less inconvenient. So, this protective band suddenly becomes a fun accessory. Let yourself be tempted by an armband that suits your taste, whether it's sporty or fashionable. The Dia-Band Diabetes armband not only protects your sensor but also becomes a fashion accessory in its own right. Choose your model between plain colors and one of the many designs available. Our armbands are available in adult and children's sizes and also in a lace version for a more feminine look. Thanks to the soft material and the large number of sizes available (from XS Junior to 3XL), the Dia-Band adapts to all body types. Kaio-Dia's Dia-Band protects your sensor, it is also comfortable and is the best diabetic armband on the market. The Dia-Band has been extensively tested with well-known brands such as the Medtronic Guardian Sensor, OmniPod and Freestyle Libre.

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