Dexcom G6 glucose sensor stickers are a fun and decorative way to show off your for sensor!

These high quality vinyl stickers last long and print in full color for both adults and kids with type 1 diabetes.

Dexcom G6 Transmitter Stickers – La Belle et le Diabète
Regular price€2,95
  • Playing Animals
  • Playing Animals II
  • We Showed Up
  • Trouble Makers
  • Popup Blockers
  • Cuties
Dexcom G6 Transmitter Stickers – Retro Serie
Regular price€2,95
  • Retro Diabetics
  • Retro Good Vibes
Dexcom G6 Sensor Stickers - Halloween Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Halloween
  • Skele-bration
  • Gothic Halloween
Dexcom G6 Sensor Stickers - Christmas Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Christmas People
  • Gingerman
  • Santa & Friends II
  • Christmas Animal
  • Polar Bear
Dexcom G6 Sensor Stickers - Winter Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Colourful Winter
  • Winter Things
  • Winter House
  • Winter Buddies
  • Winter Mix I
  • Winter Mix II
  • Winter Mix III
Dexcom G6 Sensor Stickers - St. Patrick's Day Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day
  • Get Lucky
Dexcom G6 Sensor Stickers - Easter Edition 2024
Regular price€2,95
  • Easter Day
  • Easter Rabbits
Dexcom G6 Sensor Stickers - Spring Edition 2024
Regular price€2,95
  • Spring Animal
  • Spring Beauty
  • Spring Cat
  • Spring Flowers in Folk
  • Spring Mix I
  • Spring Mix II
  • Spring Mix III

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