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Kaio-Dia Offers a Wide Range of Useful Wearables and Accessories for Children and Adults with Diabetes

Released on Tuesday 25th October 2022

Kaio-Dia’s products are made for and tested by diabetics, ensuring that each offers the highest degree of usability and support possible

Kaio-Dia – an industry leader in offering wearables and accessories for children and adults with diabetes – is proud to offer a wide range of helpful products to its users, all designed to help make everyday life more convenient.

Founded by a Type 1 diabetic, Kaio-Dia is on a mission to create products that make everyday life for children and adults living with diabetes more convenient. That’s because its team knows what living with diabetes can be like: the constant balancing of shots, planning, counting carbohydrates, and taking insulin, just to name a few of the many challenges.

With that mission and experience in mind, Kaio-Dia offers high-quality, sustainably made wearables and accessories, from the Dia-Belt (one of the best insulin pump belts on market today) to the Dia-Cool (a cooling wallet to keep your insulin and pump cool) to the Dia-Band (an armband to protect your sensor during sporting activities), among many others. Each Kaio-Dia product is offered with a wide choice of colors, designs, and sizes; Kaio-Dia even offers an entire collection entirely dedicated to children. Accessibility is also vitally important, which is why Kaio-Dia’s website is available in 10 languages, with more to be added soon.

“Kaio-Dia was started because, as a diabetic myself, I found myself constantly looking for products that would make my life a little easier,” said Kaio Kim, the inspiration behind Kaio-Dia. “Since the company’s founding, we’ve become perhaps the global leader in offering wearables and accessories for diabetics, everywhere, with each product designed to be thoroughly usable.”

Kaio added, “I’m immensely proud of what Kaio-Dia has become, and moving forward, we plan on expanding to offer products that help those living with other chronic diseases by making their everyday lives more convenient.”

To learn more about Kaio-Dia or its products, click here or visit https://kaio-dia.eu. For inquiries, please contact info@kaio-dia.eu.

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