Add a bit of fun and personality to your Omnipod insulin pump is easy with our selection of stickers!

We have many of different designs to choose from, so you're sure to find one that suits your personality. And our stickers are bright and colorful, so they'll really brighten up your pod. Plus, they're easy to apply—just peel and stick! So why not give them a try?

Omnipod POD Stickers - Spring Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Spring Flowers
  • Meadow Flowers & Leaves
  • Scandinavian Flowers
  • Snowdrop Flowers
Omnipod POD Sticker - La Belle et le Diabète
Regular price€2,95
  • Zzz
  • Monkey Break
  • Castaway
  • Bite The Donuts
Omnipod POD Sticker - Winter Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Winter House
  • Colourful Winter
  • Winter Snowflakes
  • Winter Buddies
Stickers for Omnipod POD - Spring Edition 2024
Regular price€2,95
  • Spring Animal
  • Spring Beauty
  • Spring Cat
  • Spring Flowers in Folk
Omnipod POD Sticker - Valentine Edition 2024
Regular price€2,95
  • Heart Balloon
  • I Love You
  • Love Message
  • Lovely
  • Pink Glitter
  • Rainbow Heart
Omnipod POD Sticker - Christmas Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Christmas Lollipop
  • Merry Merry Christmas
  • Twin Snowman
Omnipod POD Sticker - Halloween Edition
Regular price€2,95
  • Boo Black Bats
  • Gnomes Halloween
  • Spooky Night
  • Trick or Treat!

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