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FAQ - Keeping Insulin Cool with Dia-Cool Wallets

How to keep insulin cool in summer?

To keep your insulin cool during summer, use the Dia-Cool insulin cooling wallet. It uses water evaporation to maintain the insulin at a safe temperature for up to 48 hours without the need for electricity. Simply immerse the Cool-Pack in cold water, let it activate, and then place it in the wallet.

How to keep insulin cold on a long flight?

For long flights, the Dia-Cool wallet is an ideal solution. It keeps insulin cool for up to 48 hours using hydrogel beads that only need to be immersed in cold water. This makes it convenient for travel as it doesn't rely on batteries or electricity.

What are the best coolers for diabetics?

The Dia-Cool wallets are among the best coolers for diabetics. They are lightweight, compact, and can keep insulin at the correct temperature for up to 48 hours. The wallets are available in various sizes and designs, suitable for carrying insulin pens, vials, and other medications.

How do I keep my insulin cold while traveling?

While traveling, the Dia-Cool cooling wallet is your go-to accessory. It operates on the principle of water evaporation to keep insulin cool without the need for a refrigerator. This makes it perfect for trips, ensuring your insulin remains at a safe temperature throughout your journey.

How to keep insulin without a fridge?

You can keep insulin without a fridge by using the Dia-Cool cooling wallet. Activate the cooling process by soaking the Cool-Pack in water, and it will keep your insulin cool for up to 48 hours. This method is effective and doesn't require electricity or cooling elements.

How long can insulin stay safe in a Dia-Cool wallet?

Insulin can stay safe in a Dia-Cool wallet for up to 48 hours per activation. By soaking the wallet in cold water, it maintains a consistent temperature to keep insulin within safe limits.

What is the best way to store insulin during power outages?

During power outages, the Dia-Cool wallet provides an excellent solution. It does not require electricity or ice packs, making it ideal for emergency preparedness. Simply activate the wallet with water to keep your insulin cool and safe.

How to keep insulin cool in extreme temperatures?

For extreme temperatures, the Dia-Cool wallet is designed to perform effectively. It has been tested to keep insulin at safe temperatures even in conditions as high as 37.8°C (100°F), ensuring your medication remains protected.

Are Dia-Cool wallets TSA-friendly for air travel?

Yes, Dia-Cool wallets are TSA-friendly and perfect for air travel. They do not contain any liquids or gels that are prohibited, making them easy to carry through airport security.

What is the best bag for diabetic supplies?

The Dia-Go shoulder bag is an excellent choice for diabetic supplies. It integrates the Dia-Cool system to keep insulin pens at safe temperatures for up to 48 hours. This bag combines practicality and style, making it ideal for active diabetics who need to carry their medical supplies on the go.

What is the best solution for traveling with diabetes?

For traveling with diabetes, the Dia-Go shoulder bag offers a convenient solution. It features a built-in cooling system using gel pearls to keep insulin up to 12 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Additionally, it has compartments for a glucose meter, medication, passport, wallet, and other daily essentials, making it a versatile and reliable companion for managing diabetes while traveling.

How does the Dia-Go shoulder bag keep insulin cool?

The Dia-Go shoulder bag uses the Dia-Cool system, which keeps insulin cool through a water-activated gel pack. The cooling system maintains the insulin at a safe temperature for up to 48 hours, making it ideal for daily use and travel​

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