Blood Glucose Sensor and Insulin Patch Pump Fixations For Adults

Kaio-Dia's adult-focused collection enhances CGM & Insulin Patch Pump fixation with Dia-Band, Dia-Style, and Dia-Waistband. These accessories are tailored to secure and protect your devices with unparalleled comfort. The Dia-Band is crafted for arm wear, ensuring your CGM or insulin patch pump stays put during daily activities. Dia-Style is the go-to for active adults, providing an adjustable fit that adapts to your lifestyle. For those who prefer wearing their devices on the belly, Dia-Waistband offers a comfortable and secure solution. Compatible with major brands, Kaio-Dia's collection prioritizes practicality without compromising on style, making diabetes management efficient and discreet for adults.

Dia-Band, the blood glucose sensor and insulin patch pump armband

Universal protection for almost any blood glucose sensor and insulin patch on the market worn our your arm.

Dia-Waistband, the optimal waistband to protect your glucose sensor or insulin pump while worn on your belly

Comfortable and stretch band to protect your device on your waist. Special lace collection available.

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