Glucomen Day Insulin Patch Pump Adjustable Armband - Dia-Style Special Edition

Stay active and worry-free with the Dia-Style Armband, expertly designed for the GlucoMen Day Insulin Patch Pump. Uniquely crafted for the active individual living with diabetes, this armband is your ticket to peace of mind.

Our Dia-Style Armband is not your average support accessory. It's built for comfort with an extra soft, 2.5 cm adjustable elastic band. Regardless of the intensity of your activities, it securely holds your Insulin Patch Pump in place, eliminating the hassle and concern of dislodgement. Whether you're hitting the gym, diving into the pool, or simply running daily errands, you can trust the Dia-Style Armband to perform. This flexibility allows you to move freely, while the band offers the stability your insulin pump requires.

Moreover, it's not just about function. Each armband is accompanied by three diverse stickers, giving you the power to personalize your insulin pump to your style. But we don't stop there. The Dia-Style Armband also comes with a handy tin box, perfect for storing your hypo treats. With this, you'll always be ready for quick glucose boosts whenever you need them.

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