Accessories for type 1 and type 2 diabetics by Kaio-Dia

Armbands that support and protect your blood glucose sensors and pods, available in a wide range of colors and prints.

The Dia-Style elastic armband keeps your glucose sensor in place during sports or daily activities. Specially designed for active diabetics and athletes, it fits the Abbott Freestyle Libre 1 and 2, the Enlite Sensor and the Dexcom G6. Adjustable, available in 3 sizes and several colors, it will become the essential accessory of your CGM.

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The Dia-Band armband from Kaio-Dia protects your diabetes sensor or pod during your daily activities, sports and even while you’re swimming. The Dia-Band has been extensively tested with well-known brands such as the Medtronic Guardian Sensor, OmniPod and Freestyle Libre. Many sizes available from Junior XS to 5XL Adult as well as many prints.

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The elastic Dia-WaistBand fits perfectly to your body to protect your pod or blood glucose sensor under your clothes during the day or while you sleep. Our waist band works perfectly with insulin pump systems such as Omnipod, Freestyle Libre. The Dia-WaistBand is also available in lace, offering a touch of femininity and turns this protective band into a real fashion accessory! 

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Keeping your insulin pump with you, in complete freedom

The Dia-Belt for Insulin Pump is ideal if you carry your insulin pump with you at all times. The Dia-Belt does not move or slip, so you can move around freely without being constantly reminded of your diabetes. Available in several plain colors and prints and also for kids.
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Dia-BellyBand, a discreet band belt for insulin pumps. Comfortable and lightweight, it fits your body perfectly and can be discreetly put on under clothing or proudly worn, for example during sports activities.

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Dia-Pouch is a pump pouch with a loop and carabiner that allows you to carry your insulin pump anywhere you like. Included the Dia-Cool Kit to keep your insulin pump at the right temperature.

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Dia-BraPouch, a discreet lace pouch that allows you to keep your insulin pump on your bra effectively and discreetly.

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The Dia-Harness allows diabetic children to wear the insulin pump on their back. The harness has a bag on the back in which an insulin pump can be placed. The harness is adjustable and comes in two versions: a day version and a night version. Specially designed and tested by diabetics, our insulin pump harness meets the highest standards and fits most insulin pumps.

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The Dia-Belly Belt is a discreet abdominal belt for your insulin pump. Comfortable and lightweight, it fits perfectly around your waist or pelvis thanks to its adjustable belt: you can adjust it perfectly according to your different activities: running, sports, at work or even when you sleep. Our Dia-Belly Belt is made of a high quality, soft and stretchy material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Its inner pocket will allow you to store any type of insulin pump and its two reinforced openings in the back to safely pass tubing.

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Pouches, cooling wallets and bags for everyday use

Dia-Cool Insulin Refrigerated wallets are a must-have for all diabetics on the go: keep your insulin or any other medication at the right temperature while on the move up to 48 hours. You don’t need refrigerated elements or electricity, cooling is based on the evaporation of water contained in the gel pearls of the Dia-Cool kit.
Many prints and sizes available.

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Dia-Zipper Bag is large, complete and has enough space for your blood glucose meter, test strips, lancets, a snack, glucose tablets … Very practical thanks to its dedicated compartments and elastics!

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The Dia-Go! is an extremely practical and complete bag where you can put everything you need: your glucometer, insulin pen or additional infusion sets, test strips, lancing device, snacks etc….
All your essentials fit in this diabetic cooling bag. The Dia-Go! includes the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin and medication at the right temperature.

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The Dia-GO! EASY fanny pack has been developed specifically for everyday use while keeping in mind the needs of diabetics. With your Dia-Go! will you will take your basic equipment wherever you Go : blood glucose meter, medicine, insulin pen
The Dia-Go! Easy includes the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin and medication at the right temperature.

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The Dia-Go! Lite a is stylish and compact bag that carries the basic needs for the diabetics such as glucose meter, medication, insulin pens. And next to those probably a phone, a wallet, a passport. To the beach, to the park, to school, to work, hiking and biking. The Dia-GO! Lite considers that all and includes the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin and medication at the right temperature.

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Dia-PencilCase, the case to keep your insulin at the right temperature wherever you are for up to 48 hours thanks to the included Dia-Cool kit. 
This kit refrigerates your insulin by a process of water evaporation without the need for an electric element or battery. Many prints available for the whole family!

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Dia-MiniCase, a modern and practical case with many compartments and elastics to always have your basics at hand: snacks, blood glucose meter, lancets, disinfectant wipes or anything else you feel you need to carry with you on a daily basis.

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Larger than its little sister, the Dia-Pencase allows you to comfortably carry all your daily basics but also your insulin pen!

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The Dia-T.Top tank top has inner pockets to carry your insulin pump: you are finally free to do what you want, without having to worry about your pump. The inner pockets also has two openings at the top and bottom for the passage of tubing. Wear at home, during sports or under clothing in winter.

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Dia-Lace, the 100% feminine lace collection

Exalt your femininity with our Kaio-Dia lace accessories!

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