Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the problem.

Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the problem.

Is your glucose sensor sticking out? You can solve it with a Dia-Band or a Dia-Style for Freestyle Libre but there are also other solutions

Does your sensor come off before the due date? While some people have to pull very hard to get their sensor off their arm, Kaio’s  glucose sensor often lasted for just a week. That's why he wears a Dia-Band diabetes sensor armband for sports, play and swimming, which helps him to keep the Medtronic Guardian sensor in place. He also started wearing it during his sleep and during his daily life if he starts to notice that the patch starts to loosen up a bit. Apart from the Dia-Band, we have also many other tools and tips. You can read them below. 


Why does the sensor come off?

It depends on your skin type how well the adhesive in the plaster adheres to your skin. But water and sweat also affect the adhesive layer. If you use body lotion, oil or a whole nourishing shower cream just before a change, sensors and infusion sets can come off within an hour. So do not use fatty creams or lotions before replacing your infusion set or sensor.
Do not forget to clean your skin with an alcohol wipe or shave the site if there is hair growth before applying the sensor. So prepare well and let it dry well before applying your sensor!
In rare cases, alcohol is counterproductive, so it's just a matter of trying it out. We are all different and have no other choice than to experiment till we find the best possible methods.
Finally, the adhesion of the sticker can also be influenced by the place where you put the sensor on your body; in some places clothing can rub along the plaster or there is more tension on the skin. Wearing a diabetes sensor bracelet will protect your sensor from abrasive clothing. If in doubt about a new spot, always consult your doctor or diabetes nurse.

Tip: If you lose your sensor before the end date despite taking sufficient precautions, call the supplier to see if you are eligible for a replacement sensor. We could often just get a new one!

Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the

Skin Tac Wipes

Skin Tac Wipes are wipes with extra paste that form an intermediate layer between your skin and the plaster. The wipes are packed per piece. You open a package and spread the glue on the area where you want to place your sensor/pod. We tear the package open halfway through so we don't have to grab the cloth itself which is so sticky!

Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the

Cavilon Spray

In warm weather your skin can be extremely irritated by the plaster. For this we use the Cavilon spray. The Cavilon barrier film is a non- stinging skin protector that puts a transparent barrier layer on the skin. This prevents irritation and protects the skin from damage caused by, for example, tape. Moreover, Cavilon promotes the adhesive power of tape. Cavilon offers up to 72 hours of protection, is alcohol-free and does not feel greasy.

Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the

Fixomull Stretch

This white, flexible tape you can buy on a roll of two or ten meters at the pharmacy and is the same soft material as many infusion plasters. It can work support the fixation of your sensor.
You can first draw the sensor and then the edge of the plaster with an extra edge of 1 to 1.5 cm around it. There I cut out the sensor. Sometimes we just use a piece to stick loose edges. This works great, so the sensor will let go less quickly. There are also cutting templates in the market to help you cut out the exact shape of your sensor. Sort of making your own patches.

Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the

Storage Flexigrid

Flexigrid is a transparent, self-adhesive film that is used to cover small wounds, it acts as a second skin or it is used for fixation. The film is waterproof and packaged individually. Because it is also flexible, it can easily be glued over a sensor, for example. You can also first stick the foil on the skin and then place your Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, Omnipod or infusion set on top of it. This can also be useful in case of skin allergies.
Help, my CGM sensor is falling off! How to solve the


This wound dressing is a thin, transparent film similar to the Opsite Flexigrid and is latex-free. This film can be applied over your sensor, or you can choose to first apply the film to your skin and then stick the sensor on it (this is also a good option if you have sensitive skin and/or some skin irritation from your sensor/infusion/Omnipod).


Plasters and sports tapes that prevent your sensor from coming loose

There are many other types of tape available: elastic sports tape (Kinesio or Cure tape) or Leukotape can also help with reinforcement and can be purchased in a variety of colors and prints on a number of websites.


How to get all that extra glue off?

A cotton pad with a little bit of water and baby oil is soft for your skin and removes all glue residue super well.

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