Kaio-Dia offers you several possibilities while doing sports with an insulin pump and a sensor

dia-belt for insulin pump


The Dia-Belt insulin pump pouch is ideal for sports. Because the Dia-Belt does not shake or slide you can move freely without being constantly reminded of your diabetes. The minimalist belt is elastic and moulds to the contents. This means that the Dia-Belt with insulin pump can be worn discreetly underneath your clothing. (But it also looks great above your clothes!). And of course you can also just put a smartphone in it.

Tip from Kaio: You can use the other opening for your headphones during sports.  


tank top for insulin pump


Kaio-Dia T.Tops are tank tops that are great to wear for sports: the T.Top has 2 integrated pockets to carry your insulin pump. This way you are free in your movements, without having to worry about your pump. Both inside pockets contain 2 openings for your infusion set, one in the top and one in the bottom.  The best way to wear your pump comfortably while exercising, it offers you simplicity, comfort and discretion. Our tank top for insulin pump is available in navy, grey, black and red for women and blackwhite and red for kids.

Tip from Kaio : the second pocket you may also want to use for your phone or freestyle libre reader for example. 


waistband belt for insulin pump


If you need to keep your insulin pump with you during activities such as yoga or gym, the Dia-BellyBand is for you.The Dia-BellyBand has a space for your insulin pump with invisible zip, 2 reinforced openings in the back for tubing and a small pocket. The Dia BellyBand is made of high-quality, soft and stretchy material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The Belly band fits perfectly around your hips and/or waist. Are you more into running, or extreme sports? For more intense physical activities we recommend the Dia-Belt.


armband for glucose sensor cgm


Do you have a sensor or a pod? Then you know the risks that sport can entail. The Kaio Dia-Band armband is THE protection for your sensor or pod. The Dia-Band keeps the sensor or pod in place, even during your activities, sports or even swimming. Also, the sensor becomes less visible. Available for kids and adults 

Exercising with a blood glucose sensor and an insulin pump

Dia-Belly Belt

The Dia-Belly Belt is a discreet abdominal belt for your insulin pump. Comfortable and lightweight, it fits perfectly around your waist or pelvis thanks to its adjustable belt: you can adjust it perfectly according to your different activities: running, sports. Our Dia-Belly Belt is made of a high quality, soft and stretchy material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Its inner pocket will allow you to store any type of insulin pump and its two reinforced openings in the back to safely pass tubing.


dia-style for freestyle libre


The Dia-Style is a lightweight and comfortable armband strap that keep your Freestyle Libre glucose sensor in place. Designed for sports and swimming enthusiasts, the Dia-Style accompanies you in your daily activities, sleep and physical activity, whether in the gym or at sea.

Looking for other kids stuff ? Have a look at our collection for them !

Watch the following video where Jamie Lowe tries out our Dia-Band and Dia-Style

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