Insulin Pump Leg band and Pouch - Dia-Unisex Sport Leg Band

Say farewell to bulky belts and uncomfortable clips that hinder your freedom of movement. The Kaio Leg Band empowers you to fully engage in your favorite activities without restrictions. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or engaging in intense workouts, our leg band stays securely in place, offering unparalleled support and comfort throughout.

The neoprene pump pouch not only keeps your pump firmly secured but also shields it from external elements. Its durable construction guarantees the safety and integrity of your pump, even during rigorous physical activities.

Insulin Pump Leg Band and pouch - Dia-Unisex Sport Leg Band
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  • Greater Than My Highs and My Lows - White
  • Greater Than My Highs and My Lows - Blue

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