With the Dia-Band, swim without worrying about your glucose sensor or your insulin pump!


Swim with a glucose sensor and an insulin pump


Swimming or exercising with your sensor? Most of the time your sensor will move. The Kaio-Dia Dia-Band is THE protection for your sensor. The Dia-Band keeps the Freestyle Libre in place. And this also during outdoor activities, sports or swimming. Moreover, the armband makes your sensor less visible. A large range of colors and prints are available and for all ages, kids included ! These accessories for your Freestyle Libre, Medtronic sensors or Dexcom are a real must-have.

NB: the Dia-Band does not make your sensor waterproof !



Swim with a glucose sensor and an insulin pump


A small, lightweight and comfortable strap that can hold your Freestyle Libre CGM in place. Designed for sports and swimming enthusiasts , it will accompany you in daily activities, sleep and sports activities, gym or seaside.

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