Do you enjoy participating in physical activities but worry about your glucose sensor coming loose or getting damaged?

Kaio-Dia has the perfect solution - our adjustable armband for Dexcom G6 users. Our armband is available in a large range of sizes and colours, and is suitable for men and women. It is discreet and lightweight, and keeps your glucose sensor safe and secure during sport and daily activities. So don't let diabetes hold you back - get active and stay safe with Kaio-Dia!

Dexcom G6 Sensor Adjustable Armband in a Tin Box with 5 stickers - Dia-Style Special Edition PRINTS
Regular price€18,95
  • Monstera
  • Midnight Paris
  • Native
  • Mistic Light
  • Kai
  • Alanna
  • Aurora
  • Bark
  • Counting Corners
  • Dream Catcher
  • Nautical
Dexcom G6 sensor adjustable armband for children - Dia-Style Kiddy
Regular price€18,95
  • Blush
  • Smiley Flower
  • I'm Sweet Cat
  • Sailors
  • Racing Cars
  • Road Master

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