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Comfortable sleeping with diabetes and insulin pump

Comfortable sleeping with diabetes and insulin pump
Sleeping with an insulin pump can be difficult - especially in the beginning. It's just a matter of trying out what works for you. Because sleeping with an insulin pump connected to your body is definitely not the same as sleeping without one. Of course, you don't want your pump to get in the way. Some people put the pump down loosely at night, possibly with a sleeve or sock around it. But it is safer to use a top with pockets or waistbands.
Kaio initially slept with a runner belt, but because it had a buckle in the same place as the infusion, this was not the best solution to sleep with the pump. We discussed it with our partners and started making variants ourselves with a buckle at a different place. Then we tried a shirt with a pocket that was available in the market at that time, but the pump kept falling out of the pockets and the seams of the shirt itched. Once again, we discussed with our production partner and started making it ourselves. In the summer, however, Kaio prefers not to sleep with a shirt. At the end of the day he usually sleeps with the Dia-Pouch, where he can decide for himself where the buckle is.
But that's what works for us. If there's one thing you learn with diabetes, it's that everyone is different. So, it's just a matter of trying it out and see what you like best. In the meantime, we offer various possibilities to sleep with an insulin pump:


Dia-T.Top incorporates 2 inner pockets, one on the left and one on the right side to place your insulin pump. So, you can sleep however you want, without worrying about your pump.
The pocket also has two openings for your infusion set, one in the top and one in the bottom. Dia-T.Top offer you simplicity, comfort and discretion.


The Dia-BellyBand is comfortable, lightweight, fits right around your waist and has no clips to lie on. The Dia-Bellyband has 2 reinforced foam infusion set bottom holes, one on the right and one on the left. This makes sleeping with an insulin pump a lot easier and more comfortable.


The most flexible way to sleep with an insulin pump, hang it, clip it.
The Dia-Pouch is Kaio's favorite but not necessarily yours, unfortunately we all need to find out ourselves what works best for us. Dia-Pouch is a functional pump bag with a loop for nearly any belt and a carbine hook that make sure you can carry your insulin pump with you while you sleep. Sleeping with an insulin pump is best when you can sleep exactly the way you like it. That is of course the main purpose of diabetes aids like this one.


Both were developed by our partner to improve strongly on the products that where available at that time. Instead of tape and plasters to help you keep your CGM sensor in place, this since Kaio regularly lost his during his sleep. The Dia-Band is an armband made of a soft and comfortable material that slides over the arm, it is approximatively 11.5 cm long and is suitable for nearly all sensors like the Guardian from Medtronic, the G6 from Dexcom, the Freestyle Libre sensor and even the Omnipod.
At the top, a good quality elastic of 2.5 cm minimizes sliding and moving. We now have these available in our standard material, lace and ultra-thin as well as nearly 100 different colors and prints.
Do you have the Guardian Sensor from Medtronic? Find out here our page dedicated to our accessories.

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