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Hi, I’m Kaio,

I am 11 years old and in March 2018 I was told that I have type 1 diabetes. Since March 2019 I have the latest pump with sensor from Medtronic.

In Japanese, my name means ‘king of the ocean’. I am therefore a water rat. I swim a lot and I’m on freerunning, two sports that can be tricky with a sensor.

Since I have an insulin pump and sensor my life has become much easier. However, it is difficult with sports, swimming and in summer with the sensor, because it falls out – especially in summer – when I sweat a lot or am in the water.

I have tried a lot, but since I use these slide bands my sensor stays in place. That is why we now sell them via this website. I hope they will help you so much!

On this website my mother and I also put tips about diabetes, the sensor, travelling and so on. If you have any tips of your own, we would love to hear from you!


Kaio Kim




Hi I’m Ronin, I’m 8 and in Japanese my name means Samurai without ruler.

Kaio, my big brother has diabetes. And I think diabetes is stupid. I think it’s stupid that my brother has diabetes, I think the stinging is stupid. And sometimes I am afraid that I also get diabetes. Because the doctor said something about it being in the family or something like that.

I used Kaio’s skewer to prick and measure the sugar in my blood and it really hurt! I do not want that! And I can’t stand it when mummy shoots Kaio’s sensor or infusion, then I always leave quickly. I don’t want that either. And sometimes I am angry at the food. That it’s always about diabetes and carbohydrates and so on. But I also help with carbohydrates, because I can calculate very well.

My big wish is that my brother no longer has diabetes. That is why I am also helping with Kaio-Dia. Sometimes I wear a armband. Not because I have to but because we are brothers. And I help with other things. Designing, wearing things, trying things out.

Perhaps one day my brother will no longer have diabetes.

Bye, Ronin



Hi, I’m Masha.

Since 2018, I have been the mother of a diabetes hero. Because for me, these are people – and especially children – with diabetes who are fighting the battle every day. Since my eldest son was diagnosed with diabetes, life has become a whole new challenge.

One of those challenges was the sensor. With Kaio’s active life, the sensor often didn’t stay put and the tapes that were on the market were very boring or – in Kaio’s words – very boring.

As a yoga teacher I lived in Bali for a year and got to know Novi. She is also a yoga teacher with her own company https://www.uwear.me/ which – completely environmentally and people friendly – makes superior yoga clothing. Together we have developed these high quality armbands. They are such a godsend for Kaio and we hope they will help you or your child as well.

Also check out our blog for personal tips, experiences and stories. Kaio tells his story as a child with diabetes. And I tell mine as the mother of a diabetic patient. Because it’s not nothing to be a parent of diabetes. A lack of understanding from those around you can be so frustrating. Nobody knows what it’s like unless they experience it for themselves.

We would also like to hear from you, because together we are stronger.


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