Kaio-Dia: Fair Wearables

Kaio-Dia: Fair Wearables

Since Kaio has been in the news several times, we sometimes get questions about the working conditions on how our diabetic accessories are made.

With Kaio-Dia, you're buying honest clothing, Kaio particularly wants us to emphasize this.

We believe in quality and sustainable products, which is why we work with UWear in Indonesia.

Our products are made under working conditions that we would want for ourselves.

We want to offer products that make life easier and better for those who make them and those who wear them.

Kaio-Dia products are therefore made under fair working conditions and with the lowest possible impact on the environment. The work is done in healthy and safe conditions and of course, by people of legal age.

Taking care of people and the environment is a matter of great concern to us. At every stage of the production process, we have made choices that minimize the impact on the environment.

You can see where our products are made here:

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