Dexcom G7 vs. FreeStyle Libre 3: Which CGM Wins for Diabetes Management?

Dexcom G7 vs. FreeStyle Libre 3: Which CGM Wins for Diabetes Management?


Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems like the Dexcom G7 and FreeStyle Libre 3 are transforming diabetes management by providing real-time glucose monitoring. These devices empower users to make informed decisions about their health, highlighting the importance of choosing the right system for individual needs.

Technology and Accuracy

The FreeStyle Libre 3 is renowned for its groundbreaking small and thin design, making it the most discreet CGM sensor on the market. It delivers glucose readings every minute directly to your smartphone app without needing manual calibrations, maintaining accuracy over a 14-day period.

In contrast, the Dexcom G7 builds on its predecessor's legacy with improved accuracy and user-friendly interface. Known for its predictive alerts, the Dexcom G7 sensor helps users anticipate potential glucose highs and lows, crucial for proactive diabetes management.

Ease of Use and Comfort

Both devices are designed for user convenience. The FreeStyle Libre 3's sensor is easy to apply and comfortable to wear, thanks to its minimal size and weight. Meanwhile, the Dexcom G7 features a streamlined sensor application process and enhanced connectivity for continuous data access, making daily management easier.


The FreeStyle Libre 3 offers an affordable option with significant long-term value, requiring no additional hardware like readers, which reduces ongoing costs. The Dexcom G7, while initially more expensive, provides extensive data analytics and health monitoring capabilities that can help avoid future complications and manage diabetes more effectively.

Accessories and Support

Kaio-Dia manufactures a range of accessories for both the Dexcom G7 and FreeStyle Libre 3, enhancing the user experience. These include:

These accessories help secure the CGM devices in place during daily activities and offer customization options to match personal style and preferences.

Comparison Table

To help highlight the features and benefits of each system:

Feature Dexcom G7 FreeStyle Libre 3
Sensor Size Small and discreet Smallest on the market, very discreet
Data Transmission Continuous real-time monitoring Minute-by-minute to smartphone
Calibration No manual calibration needed No manual calibration needed
Wear Duration Up to 10 days Up to 14 days
Cost Higher initial, potential long-term savings Lower initial, no additional hardware needed
Accessories Available from Kaio-Dia Available from Kaio-Dia



Choosing between the Dexcom G7 and FreeStyle Libre 3 depends on what you value most in your diabetes management—whether it's the cutting-edge technology and proactive features of the Dexcom G7 or the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the FreeStyle Libre 3. Both systems are supported by Kaio-Dia's range of accessories, ensuring that users can customize their experience to fit their lifestyle.

Explore further details about these CGM systems and their accessories at Kaio-Dia.

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