Accessories for your Medtronic Minimed, Tandem t:slim, YpsoPump, Dana and many more

We are all different and this only becomes clearer with diabetes. We all react differently and each one wears his pump in a different way. It’s all about finding what’s best for you. If you own the Medtronic 670G like Kaio, you can choose from the following Kaio-Dia products:

Dia-Bellyband – the discreet band for insulin pumps

Accessories for your insulin pump: Medtronic, Tandem,

Don’t want your insulin pump to be noticed? The Dia-BellyBand is a discreet waist belt for insulin pumps. It is comfortable, lightweight, fits perfectly around your waist and can be worn discreetly under clothing. Like a second skin, this insulin pump belt is the ideal solution for your daily activities or sports. Available in printed or solid colors for children and adults with diabetes, we also have models for the youngest T1D!


Dia-Belt – for an active life

Accessories for your insulin pump: Medtronic, Tandem,

The Dia-Belt insulin pump belt is ideal for athletes, children or anyone with an active lifestyle. Because the Dia-Belt does not move or slip, you can move freely without constant reminders of your diabetes. The minimalist pouch is elastic and fits your body. This means that the Dia-Belt with your insulin pump can be worn discreetly under your clothes or proudly worn as a fashion accessory in its own right. And of course, you can also store your smartphone in it.


Dia-Pouch – the functional insulin pump pouch

Accessories for your insulin pump: Medtronic, Tandem,

The Dia-Pouch is an ultra-functional insulin pump pouch with a loop and carabiner that allows you to carry your insulin pump any way you want. Many prints and colors available, for young and old!  Includes the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin pump at the right temperature during the summer.


Dia-Band – the protection for your sensor and pod

Accessories for your insulin pump: Medtronic, Tandem,

Swimming or exercising with your sensor? Most of the time your sensor doesn’t stay put. The Dia-Band is THE protection for your Medtronic Guardian sensor. The Dia-Band armband for children and adults keeps the sensor in place during your daily activities, sports or swimming.  Because at Kaio-Dia we know that all tastes are different and that everyone with diabetes is different, we offer Dia-Bands in printssolid colors and lace.


Dia-T.Top – Comfortable and discreet tank tops

Accessories for your insulin pump: Medtronic, Tandem,

The Dia-T.Top from Kaio-Dia is a discreet tank top for adults and children with diabetes who wear an insulin pump. The tank top has an inside pocket to insert your insulin pump. This way, you are free to do whatever you want, without having to worry about your pump. The inner pocket also has an opening for your tubing so you can wear your insulin pump comfortably under your clothes during the day or while you sleep. The Dia-T.Top offers you simplicity, comfort and discretion.


Dia-BraPouch – A discreet pouch for women

Accessories for your insulin pump: Medtronic, Tandem,

The Dia-BraPouch for insulin pump can hang on your bra or bra strap. The accessory with a feminine look that will allow you to go about your everyday life without worrying about your insulin pump: sports, running, daily activities, your pump will accompany you without getting in the way!

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