Our Blood Glucose Sensor and Insulin Patch Pump Accessories

Explore the exceptional variety of blood glucose sensor and insulin patch pump accessories offered by Kaio-Dia, designed to enhance the daily lives of adults and children managing their diabetes. Whether you're using a Freestyle Libre 2 or 3, Dexcom G6, Guardian Enlite, Eversense e3, GlucomenDay CGM, (and many other brands!) our extensive range of waistbands, armbands, and sensor hats provide ultimate comfort and convenience in blood glucose monitoring. Additionally, our versatile accessories are compatible with insulin patch pumps like Omnipod and GlucomenDay Pump. Browse through our vast collection of stylish, practical, and durable accessories, expertly crafted to make your diabetes management experience smoother and more enjoyable. Trust Kaio-Dia for all your blood glucose sensor and insulin pump accessory needs, and find the perfect solution to support your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Dia-Band, the blood glucose sensor and insulin patch pump armbands for adults, children and teenagers

Universal protection for almost any blood glucose sensor and insulin patch on the market worn our your arm.

Dia-Waistband, the optimal waistband to protect your glucose sensor or insulin pump while worn on your belly

Comfortable and stretch band to protect your device on your waist. Special lace collection available.

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