For children with type 1 diabetes, we developed a large range of wearable and accessories


Insulin pump belt, harness, sensor armbands for children

The Dia-Belt

The Dia-Belt insulin pump belt is the perfect accessory for children. As the Dia-Belt does not move or slip, they can move around freely without their pump constantly reminding them of their diabetes. This minimalist belt is elastic and fits snugly. Thus, the Kaio-Dia insulin pump belt can be worn discreetly under clothing, but also over clothing as a modern fashion accessory. And, of course, you can store a smartphone in it!

Tip : As Kaio does, use the other opening to put your earphones !


Insulin pump belt, harness, sensor armbands for children


The Kaio Dia-Band diabetic armband protects your diabetes Freestyle Libre or Medtronic sensor (and many other brands) or pod during your daily activities, sports and even swimming. In addition, the band makes your pod less visible, making wearing the sensor a little less inconvenient. So this protective armband suddenly becomes a fun accessory.



Insulin pump belt, harness, sensor armbands for children

Dia-T.Top for kids

We developed this tank top for all the family ! The Dia-T.Top has a small pocket integrated on both sides to fit your Insulin pump. With infuse set openings in bottom and top of the pocket you will always have the shortest possible distance to your infuse site. A product made in a soft stretching fabric composed of cotton/spandex. The Dia-T.Top is also very comfortable to wear under your clothing during the day to discretely carry your pump or while sleeping. Our tank top for insulin pump can also be used during your sport session !



Insulin pump belt, harness, sensor armbands for children

Dia-Harness for children

The Dia-Harness allows diabetic children to wear the insulin pump on their back. The harness has a bag on the back in which an insulin pump can be placed. The harness is adjustable and comes in two versions: a day version and a night version. Specially designed and tested by diabetics, our insulin pump harness meets the highest standards and fits most insulin pumps.

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