The Kaio-Dia collection of accessories to keep your insulin, medication and insulin pump at the right temperature.


Dia-Cool, the cooling wallet

Dia-Cool – insulin cooling bags – to keep your insulin at the right temperature on the way. On holiday, in summer or if you travel a lot to warm countries, the Dia-Cool is the perfect accessory to take with you everywhere. The Dia-Cool is an insulin cooling wallet that keeps your insulin (or any other medication) at the right temperature during your holiday or when travelling.

Super handy: you don’t need any cooling elements or electricity. The cooling is based on water evaporation.



Dia-Pouch – The functional pump bags

The Dia-Pouch is functional pump bags with a loop and a carbine hook that allows you to carry your insulin pump in the way you like it. You can also match you Dia-Pouch with your Dia-Band ! Includes 2 Dia-Cool packs to keep your insulin cool. If you’re looking for products to make you sport sessions easier, you might like our accessories dedicated for sport addicts.  



Dia-PencilCase – The fashionable cooling case for insulin pens

How can you safely transport your insulin without worrying about the ambient temperature? With the Dia-PencilCase it’s one less diabetes problem! Just like its big sister the Dia-Cool, it includes the Dia-Cool kit which allows you to carry your insulin pens or glucagon syringe at the right temperature at all times. Its adequate size makes it practical to carry it in a bag or a schoolbag. Moreover, its design and prints make it look like a simple kit where you can store your pencils and felt-tip pens.

Curious to know how does the Dia-Cool work ? Click here to find the Dia-Cool user’s manual.

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