Accessories for Type 1 Diabetics with an Active Lifestyle

From daily routine to sleep and sports, Kaio-Dia has a large range of accessories to help you or your children live with Type 1 diabetes comfortably and safely.

Daily Routine Accessories

Make your daily routine with diabetes easier with our selection of accessories. Carry your insulin pump and glucose monitor in style, ensure that your kit is always secure and easily accessible, and never worry about your insulin getting too hot again with our wide range of cooling pouches.

Sleep Comfortably

Make sure you get a restful night’s sleep with our selection of sleep accessories. Our armbands for your glucose sensor and insulin pump belt are designed to fit comfortably, even when you’re asleep.


Stay active with our selection of sports accessories. Our range includes secure and comfortable belt and armband for your insulin pump and glucose sensor, as well as cooling pouches for your insulin, so that you can enjoy your favorite sports without worrying about the safety of your medication.


Our selection of accessories for younger Type 1 diabetics is designed to make life with diabetes easier for children and their parents. Our products are specifically designed for young diabetics and are both secure and comfortable.

Stay safe while travelling

Make sure your medication is always safe, no matter where you go. Our cooling pouches will help to keep your insulin and other medications safe and at the right temperature, so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Kaio-Dia wearables, for every moment of your life, whether you are young or older!

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