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Kaio-Dia offers several possibilities to improve diabetic daily life, in many situations whether you are at work, at school or travelling

Everyday life: accessories and wearables to accompany


A tank top style product for both man, woman and children in which on both sides a small pocket is integrated to fit your Insulin pump. With infuse set openings in bottom and top of the pocket you will always have the shortest possible distance to your infuse site. A product made in a soft stretching fabric composed of cotton/spandex. The Dia-T.Top is also very comfortable to wear under your clothing during the day to discretely carry your pump. It’s available for kids and woman.

Tip from Kaio, the second pocket can be used to carry your Freestyle Libre reader for example. 


belt for insulin pump

Dia BellyBand

The Kaio-Dia is a comfortable lightweight band that fits snug around your waist. The Dia-BellyBand does not contain any clips or adjusters : comfortable, lightweight, it fits your body perfectly and can be worn discreetly under clothing during your day, while travelling or proudly worn on your clothes while doing sport. Made in a soft and comfortable material with two reinforced infuse set openings, one left and one on the right. Kaio-Dia always offers a large size range from very mini for kids to 3XL for adults.

Measuring your correct size is very important because Kaio-Dia products are made to be as comfortable as possibly can be.


universal pouch for insulin pump


The Dia-Pouch is a functional pump pouch with a loop and carabiner that allows you to carry your insulin pump anywhere you want, in any everyday situation! In addition, the Dia-Cool kit for cooling your insulin pump is included!


waistband for pod and sensor


The Kaio-Dia Dia-WaistBand protects your pod or sensor if you wear it on your waist. It will prevent you from accidentally tearing it off while undressing or moving.Thanks to the soft material and the different sizes available, the Dia-WaistBand always fits your body perfectly. It not only protects your sensor but is also comfortable and is the best diabetes band on the market today. 


Everyday life: accessories and wearables to accompany

Dia-Belly Belt

The Dia-Belly Belt is a discreet abdominal belt for your insulin pump. Comfortable and lightweight, it fits perfectly around your waist or pelvis thanks to its adjustable belt: you can adjust it according to your needs and different activities: running, sports, at work or even when you sleep. Our Dia-Belly Belt is made of a high quality, soft and stretchy material, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Its inner pocket will allow you to store any type of insulin pump and its two reinforced openings in the back to safely pass tubing.


bra pouch for insulin pump


It is the ideal accessory for active women who want to wear their insulin pump discreetly and keep a free spirit. But in a feminine way thanks to the lace finzish. The Dia-BraPouch remains fixed and does not slip, so you can move freely and forget you are wearing your pump. Discover our entire lace range from the Dia-Lace collection, thought and developed by women.


kit for diabetics


Dia-MiniCase, a modern and practical case with numerous compartments and elastic bands to always have your basics at hand: snacks, blood glucose meter, lancets, disinfectant wipes or anything else you think you need to carry with you every day. Everything you need will follow you whether you are going to the office, school or even on a business trip.


pencase for insulin pen and usb glucometer


Larger than its little sister the Dia-MiniCase, the Dia-PenCase you will be able to take your insulin pen with you in addition to all your necessities (glucometer, snacks, insulin, lancets...). A pouch as complete as it is compact, available in many prints and colors to satisfy men, women and even the youngest. Indeed, at Kaio-Dia we think of everyone, young and old!


dia-cool cooling case for insulin pen

Dia-Cool, the cooling wallet for your insulin

Dia-Cool pouches are a must-have for all diabetics on the move: they allow you to keep your insulin or any other medication up to minus 12°C while on the move and for up to 48 hours, ideal for a daily use, business or school trips. You don't need refrigerated elements or electricity, the cooling is based on the evaporation of the water contained in the gel pearls of the Dia-Cool kit. The Dia-Cool cooling bags are available in a wide range of prints and sizes to suit everyone's needs, large and small.


cooling case for insulin pen


How can you safely transport your insulin without worrying about the ambient temperature? With the Dia-PencilCase it's one less diabetes problem! Just like its big sister the Dia-Cool, it includes the Dia-Cool kit which allows you to carry your insulin pens or glucagon syringe at the right temperature at all times. Its adequate size makes it practical to carry it in a bag or a schoolbag. Moreover, its design and prints make it look like a simple kit where you can store your pencils and felt-tip pens.


case for gluosemeter and diabetic stuff


Tired of the black nylon pouches that everyone got as a gift with their blood glucose meter? The Dia-Zipper Bag, in addition to being ultra practical with its compartments and elastic band, is available in a wide range of prints to suit all styles. Proudly carry your blood glucose meter, a snack, glucose tablets, meter, test strips etc... in its original and modern pockets.


cooling bag for diabetics


The Dia-Go! is THE practical bag developed with diabetics in mind. In addition to including the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin at the right temperature, it allows you to take your blood glucose meter, insulin pen, extra infusion sets, test strips, lancing device, snacks etc with you. You can even store your Dia-Minicase, smartphone, passport and wallet in it. This way you won't forget anything at home, and everything you need for your day-to-day life will be with you at all times.


cooling fanny pack for diabetics

Dia-Go! Easy

Similar to the Dia-Go!, the Dia-Go! Easy is a fanny pack that also includes the Dia-Cool kit. You can put everything you need in it: your blood glucose meter, insulin pen or additional infusion sets, test strips, lancing device, snacks etc. All your essentials fit in this diabetic cooling bag, as well as your phone and passport.


Everyday life: accessories and wearables to accompany

Dia-Go! Lite

The Dia-Go! Lite a is stylish and compact bag that carries the basic needs for the diabetics such as glucose meter, medication, insulin pens. And next to those probably a phone, a wallet, a passport. To the beach, to the park, to school, to work, hiking and biking.

The Dia-GO! Lite considers that all and includes the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin and medication at the right temperature.

All our bags for diabetics include the Dia-Cool kit.


strap for freestyle libre cgm

The Dia-Style

The Dia-Style is a discreet, lightweight armband specially designed for the Freestyle Libre blood glucose sensor. Designed for athletes, it can also be worn under clothing to avoid being torn off. During the night, at work, at school, you will even forget that you are wearing a sensor! Also available for Freestyle Libre, Dexcom G6 and Medtronic Enlite Guardian.


dia-band solid color for cgm


The Kaio-Dia armband can be useful in your daily active life. We all know how easily a sensor or pod can be attached to a door, unhooked and even ripped off when taking off a jumper or T-shirt. In addition to being useful for your sports activities or while you sleep, the Dia-Band ensures that your sensor or pod stays securely in place throughout the day.

As with all our items, we have thought of everyone: the Dia-Band armbands  are available for the smallest children, for adults and even for larger sizes.


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